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Packaging must be part of the picture in Zalando’s vision to become the leading platform for sustainable fashion in Europe

What do Swiss buyers prefer when it comes to fashion?

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The Starting Point For Fashion: Inspiration lies where tech and fashion meet

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Zalando Starts 2019 with Strong and Profitable Growth

In the first quarter of 2019, Zalando successfully expanded its customer reach. Customers ordered more frequently than before, and customer satisfaction hit an all-time high.


As Europe’s leading online fashion platform we deliver to customers in 17 countries. In our fashion store, they can find a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories from almost 2,000 brands.


Every day we move ideas forward with one goal: boosting the development of our fashion platform. Technology plays a key role.

The Innovation Generation

Innovation in the interest of customers, partners and collaborators is the core of the Zalando culture.

Corporate Responsibility

We pursue sustainable ways to produce and consume fashion - this firm belief will guarantee the success of Zalando in the long run.

Investor Relations

We have the aim of ensuring a continuous, transparent and trustful dialogue with all capital market participants.


Zalando SE CMD 2019


Zalando SE Press Conference 2019

Zalando’s co-CEOs Robert Gentz, Rubin Ritter, and David Schneider presented the results of the fourth quarter and full year 2018.


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