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An inside view on how Campaign Strategy at Zalando prepares for Cyber Week

One of the most important commercial events of the year, Black Friday is an opportunity for online retailers to shine for their customers. During Cyber Week 2018, Zalando aims to do just this, with activations happening across all 17 markets and the event expanding to nine days of tantalizing sales events. To understand just what kind of preparation goes into Campaign Strategy during Cyber Week, we catch up with Yasmin Rahmatullah, Sales Campaign Lead at Zalando.

Yasmin Rahmatullah
Yasmin Rahmatullah, Sales Campaign Lead

With Cyber Week here, how do you feel? Is excitement in the air?

Of course! Zalando’s success on Cyber Week requires meticulous planning across multiple internal teams, such as markets, categories, logistics, customer service and tech, to name a few.
During Black Friday, these elements galvanize in a very real and exciting way. Teams have been planning this event since January, so as the launch date drew closer, the excitement ratcheted up. Across all nine days of Cyber Week, across many teams, there’s a lot of heat and light. This is the kind of pressure that really makes a team.

How is Cyber Week special for Fashion Campaigns?

Cyber Week is a big retail event, and marks the start of the festive shopping period. Already beginning November 18 in most markets, we offer discounts to our customers each day. Cyber Week on the Zalando Fashion Store combines the thrill of festive shopping with the convenience of e-commerce. And it’s not a matter of us overwhelming customers with hundreds of thousands of options; Black Friday at Zalando is a curated shopping experience. We have five dedicated days in the run-up to Black Friday, each focusing on a core theme (such as winter wear), and as always, customers still enjoy their own special Zalando universe, personalized just for them.

Were there any key takeaways from Black Friday 2017?

Black Friday 2017 was a record-breaker for us, and brought the business a lot of learnings. This year, we started preparing earlier, and we’ve focused on how we can make the customer experience better – special – this year. We want to offer our customers more days of great deals, so we have extended Cyber Week from seven to nine days, ending on Cyber Monday, November 26. For most markets and on most days, instead of using vouchers at checkout, we’re offering direct discounts on items to create a more seamless experience.

What makes this year unique?

This year, more countries than ever are participating in Black Friday at Zalando. So, it’s an opportunity to leverage this huge multinational commercial event, but with the kind of local finesse we’ve learned by listening to our 17 markets, for example, by using localized marketing campaigns.
Cyber Week kick-starts the holiday shopping season, and this year is extra special with our new Christmas campaign setting the tone for our marketing efforts. Every new year comes with unique challenges, but we’re looking forward to meeting them.

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Do you have any goals in mind for Black Friday 2018?

Our goal is to excite and satisfy our customers with the number of amazing deals available during the Cyber Week. Firstly, Black Friday is a great way to kick-start the holiday mood, and it’s fast becoming a festive institution in itself. We strive to deliver the same effortless service our customers are used to while still managing high order volumes. And finally, we’ll be offering in-season fashion deals to our customers.

How will you be spending Black Friday?

My role is essentially being the spider in the web, the link between all necessary departments to ensure everyone is informed and aligned when it comes to our performance. I will be working closely with internal teams, from tech, customer care and logistics, to make sure we are delivering the best shopping day to our customers. And of course, I’ll squeeze in some time to shop!

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