Postbahnhof: Zalando Statement

Zalando Studios, a Zalando subsidiary based at Berlin Postbahnhof, was founded in 2014 and employs around 300 people. In total, Zalando employs more than 6,000 people across 10 sites in Berlin. At Zalando Studios, an average of 1,300 articles are processed, photographed and put online each day. Zalando Studios includes activities in the areas of incoming and outgoing merchandize, preparation of items, styling, photography, post-production, copywriting and quality management as well as controlling and operations.

Update July 30, 2019

In the afternoon of July 29, 2019, a localized water entry occurred in one of the Postbahnhof buildings due to heavy rainfall. The seals of individual rainwater downpipes could not withstand the water masses. The rainwater pipes installed in the Postbahnhof are currently being renovated and replaced by the property management. In addition, strong winds forced rain through the ventilation holes of a window and a patio door. The work in the Postbahnhof could be continued without any disturbances.

Update July 26, 2019

An external expert opinion confirms that the floor in the heritage-protected Postbahnhof is not electrically conductive. The report can be viewed on request. Please register your interest at

Update July 15, 2019

After the publication of a BILD am Sonntag article, the Zalando Studios management called a staff meeting during which they offered to engage an external electrician to check the electrotechnical safety of the floor, which is under heritage protection. With this independent assessment, Zalando can provide an external expert opinion to those employees who are still convinced of the conductivity of the floor.

Ever since Zalando Studios moved into the Postbahnhof (2014), there have been no electrical accidents. All power sockets are grounded and all electrical equipment at the Postbahnhof is DGUV-V3 tested and maintained. Maintenance takes place at regular intervals (the last maintenance was in April 2017; the next maintenance is in August 2019). The error rate of all devices during the last maintenance was 0%.

Furthermore, during the internal staff meeting of Zalando Studios, the management again confirmed that an exterminator had been assigned with extended measures.

July 13, 2019

Good working conditions are of crucial importance at all Zalando sites

Good working conditions and the health of our employees are of crucial importance to us at all locations. We have established high standards and of course comply with all legal and regulatory requirements. We regularly audit compliance with these standards and make adjustments if necessary. The management of Zalando Studios is in close contact with the works council and the employees to further improve the conditions on site.

Postbahnhof is a building under heritage protection

We are currently building the Zalando Campus and renewing older locations, in order to continuously improve working conditions. Hence, reconstruction measures at the Postbahnhof are necessary. As tenants of the Postbahnhof, we work closely with the new landlord of the property. In addition, together with our landlord we are in close contact with the city of Berlin to achieve successive improvements through construction measures that are possible within the framework of heritage protection. First measures in recent months include sealing the building envelope, renewing the doors and expanding the air-conditioning and electrical systems. In a metropolitan city like Berlin, especially in areas with heavy construction activity, the occurrence of rats is frequent. Zalando and the Zalando Studios management take this very seriously and have therefore commissioned exterminators to carry out extended measures. 

Ceilings at Postbahnhof are sealed

There is and was no ceiling breakthrough. The storm on 20 May 2019, which caused serious damage throughout Berlin, caused the rain gutter at the Postbahnhof to overflow, so that water immediately ran into individual parts of the building. Electricity in this area was switched off and the work stopped. The clogged rainwater drain was cleaned. This was a one-time incident.

Floors at Postbahnhof are not conductive

The mentioned 'electric shocks' are static charges, which can also occasionally occur in living rooms, mainly in winter (due to dry heating air). The floors in the Postbahnhof are not electrically conductive. 

Postbahnhof complies with applicable fire protection regulations.

Our security service checks the entire area several times a day. We are not aware of any electrical accidents. The generators in question are flash generators that are protected against moisture. The electrical supply is secured and reacts to fault currents with power interruption. 

We invite interested journalists to visit the Postbahnhof to make their own judgment. Please send your request to