Britain Votes Leave - Zalando Stays European

Zalando loves Britain
Zalando loves Britain

Zalando is living proof that the European Union is a successful project.

Although we were founded and are based in Berlin, we see ourselves as an inherently European company. Not only from a business perspective with our operations covering 15 markets*, but also with regards to our employees. With a team of over 110 nationalities with many of those European, we are an international and diverse company. We love it and live it every day! We highly value and respect differences between nations – we see linguistic and cultural differences from our employees as enrichment for our company’s culture.

From a business perspective, the single European market brings advantages to both customers and businesses. We are convinced that notably the convenient cross-border commerce and the freedom of movement for workers within the European Union are key factors for the success of Zalando and other players.

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We respect the sovereign decision of the British people towards UK's future relationship with the EU. There is a lot of speculation in the media around the UK’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU. Right now, this is just speculation.

Of course we will adapt our processes concerning the UK market in order to remain compliant - as soon as the negotiations between the UK and the EU have lead to a result. We already have experiences with markets outside of the EU, such as Switzerland and Norway. We are confident that we will find a solution to establish smooth processes for the UK and its Zalando customers going forward.

by Delphine Mousseau, VP Markets 

* June 2018 Zalando expanded to Ireland and the Czech Republic and is now present in 17 markets.