About Zonar

What you should know about our performance and development tool Zonar

What is Zonar?

Zonar is a performance management tool that enables employees to receive and provide 360° feedback. On the individual level, Zonar supports employees in accelerating their career and reaching personal development goals. Our employees are highly motivated and interested in working in an environment where they can leverage their personal strengths, contribute to the company’s success and build their careers. We want to meet our employees’ expectations and also attract talents who want to actively shape the future of a leading European tech company. Zonar helps us facilitate this culture.

How does Zonar work?

Zalando employs around 14,000 people. More than 5,000 of them participate in the Zonar feedback rounds taking place twice a year. Eligible employee collect qualitative feedback on their work from up to eight colleagues and stakeholders. In addition, Zonar includes a self-assessment where employees reflect on their own strengths and development areas using specific examples of their projects. The respective manager evaluates all feedback, adds their own assessment, and discusses the results, as well as the suitability for promotion or further trainings with its employee.


In addition, an independent committee consisting of employees from different departments oversees all decisions regarding career development to make them as objective and as fair as possible. 


Final decisions are based on a combination of the manager's performance statement, the feedback received from colleagues, the self-assessment, and the job requirements. There are no rankings, scores or algorithms involved in the decision process.


Since When Does Zonar Exist?

The development of Zonar started in 2015. After extensive pilots in 2016, we officially rolled out Zonar in 2017. Since then, the tool was constantly improved based on feedback from employees and workers councils.

Why Does Zonar Exist?

Great working conditions and employee satisfaction are of very high priority for us at Zalando. We conduct voluntary employee surveys four times a year to ensure that we provide such conditions. In the course of Zalando's eleven-year existence, we have found this kind of feedback culture to be very helpful for us and our employees. Performance management encourages employees and managers to receive and give more qualitative feedback. In the past, decisions about promotions etc. were mainly up to the managers. With tools like Zonar, the process becomes more fair and transparent. We aim to set comparable qualitative standards and support the individual development of each employee.