We Handle Data Responsibly

With Zalando's one-pager, companies can simply and transparently explain to its customers what happens to their data.

As Europe’s leading online platform for fashion, data protection is a key issue at Zalando. Millions of customers trust us with their personal data. We believe it is our job to handle this data responsibly and protect it from unauthorized access. We have therefore set ourselves high standards to keep the risk of data security breaches to a minimum.

To meet these standards, we have not only put together our own team of security experts, who work around the clock to protect data, but we also work closely with external security experts. We want to make the shopping experience in our store as pleasant as possible. This is why we are continuously developing new and innovative applications. For Zalando, protecting personal data is integral to the company. Privacy by Design is our standard mode of operation, because we know that the key to our success lies in a relationship of trust with our customers.

Our Data Protection Declaration Made Easy

At the end of 2016, Zalando developed an openly accessible tool, which creates one-pager data protection declarations for companies. Using this one-pager, every German company – whether a DAX company, start-up or blogger – can simply and transparently explain to its customers what happens to their data. The design was based on a form created by the German Federal Ministry of Justice. In digital business, customer confidence is essential and may even develop into a competitive advantage for European businesses in the future. The tool is supposed to benefit both groups; customers can understand what happens to their data and German companies, in particular start-ups, can create a simple one-pager on the use of data.

Zalando SE Datenschutzerklaerung One Pager

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