Our Outlook: Investment and Growth

We focus on successful development with a strong business model.

Zalando SE Unternehmen Strategie Online Shopping
Bright prospects for online retail: Convenient shopping any time, anywhere plays an increasingly important role for consumers.

Today online retail in Europe is growing much more quickly than offline retail. The same applies to the fashion industry: across Europe, fashion sales are expected to stagnate. In contrast, online fashion sales in Europe are expected to increase. And we expect to see that the share of online fashion sales will increase further. This is thanks to the ongoing development of e-commerce models and the increasing openness to online shopping among customers.

Zalando’s Role in Online Retail

The future looks bright: Zalando now enjoys a high level of brand awareness in Europe, has a large customer base, good supplier relationships, a well-established, well-functioning infrastructure, and significant capacities in terms of fashion and mobile technology.

The high emotional value that manufacturers and customers alike ascribe to fashion brands also gives independent and exclusively online fashion retailers like Zalando a major advantage over non-specialized e-commerce businesses.

Zalando Keeps on Growing

We will continue our course of profitable growth in the future, increase market share, and strengthen our own competitive position. To achieve this, we will continue to expand our range of services for customers and brand partners and invest in the further development of our technology and operational infrastructure.

The financial strategy of Zalando’s Management Board aims to increase Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) while maintaining a solid level of profitability.

Zalando SE Unternehmen Strategie Prognose
As an online platform, Zalando aims to connect all players in the industry.

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