How adidas stands out by challenging the status quo

adidas recently brought ten of their timeless white sneaker silhouettes back to life with their Home of Classics collection. For the “MY SUPERCOURT MY STORY,” campaign, adidas teamed up with Zalando and ZMS to celebrate the latest addition to their iconic white leather models: the Supercourt.

Re-establishing adidas as the original white leather sneaker brand

million paid on- and offline ad impressions
38 million
earned impressions 

Their Story

One of the first Zalando partners, adidas produces over 900 million sports and sports lifestyle products worldwide, and has a clear mission to be the best sports company in the world. adidas aims to create and sell the best sports and fitness products in the world, and to offer the best service and consumer experience – and to do it all in a sustainable way. To successfully do that, they focus entirely on their authentic sports brand as they connect and engage with customers.

adidas recently brought ten of their timeless white sneaker silhouettes back to life with their Home of Classics collection with the goal of re-establishing itself as the original white leather sneaker brand. In order to scale up their Home of Classics concept across Europe and celebrate the launch of its newest addition, the Supercourt, adidas teamed up with Zalando to create a 360° joint campaign of record breaking scale.

Their Challenge

The key challenge was to develop a campaign that stood out from the typical digital mainstream communication. It was clear an unconventional campaign strategy would be needed to truly inspire our target audience primarily consisting of Gen Z individuals, who live in a world that is constantly documented through phones – from food, to outfits, manicures and nights out. 

Their Solution

Shot in an urban setting, the Zalando-dedicated campaign took the Supercourt to the offline lives of its wearers, encouraging customers to go offline for a while, and tap back in to real-life moments. As white leather sneakers can capture and tell so many personal experiences; showcase creativity through scuffs, marks and stains, the campaign invited customers across Europe to reconnect with the offline world by using their sneaker as a blank canvas to tell their story. 

In order to create large-scale impact, ZMS developed its largest ever 360° campaign to amplify the Home of Classics concept across all channels: on Zalando, web and social channels, Out of Home, addressable TV, extensive PR and an unconventional launch event. For the latter, adidas and Zalando hosted a “phone free” event with selected influencers. The event - as well as the entire campaign concept - focused on the three key pillars of music, art and dance to reflect the adidas brand DNA.

We amplified the adidas Originals campaign around the new Supercourt with an exclusive story that was not only daring but more importantly meaningful to our consumers."

Christin Kluge, Senior Brand Activation Manager Key Account at adidas

Their Results

This was to date the largest ever ZMS campaign with over 620 million paid on- and offline ad impressions across 13 European markets. On top of this, the campaign generated 38 million earned impressions as well as significant product sell through and overall sales impact.

In Detail


Developing a disruptive, large scale campaign to engage with Gen Z audience and launch a new product

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